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A FREQUENT flyer has revealed the two mistakes you are making when your flight is cancelled.

Having your holiday plans disrupted can cause extra stress, although there are a few ways to minimise the problem.

Frequent flyer Benét Wilson said she flies as much as 50 times a year as part of her job as a writer, adding the "absolute worst time to travel" is during the holidays.

However, she has shared some of her top tips on what to do if an airline cancels your flight.

The first thing she said was to make sure you have the airline's app, as it makes a huge difference if your flight is cancelled.

She told NPR: "Sometimes you get information on there quicker than the gate agents.

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"Whatever you do, do not stand in the long line. Either use the app [to reschedule your flight] or just call the airline directly."

Flight attendant Annette Long, agreed, saying an airline's app is a way to prevent you from any unexpected problems or delays.

However, the one thing not to do? Be rude to staff.

Beth added: "They don't control the weather, the mechanics of the plane or the situation. All they can do is try to help you.

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"And when you are nice to them, they are much more likely to help you."

After your holiday, you should also make sure you claim compensation if your flight was delayed or cancelled.

Passengers flying with an EU airline or a non-EU airline flying from a EU airport are protected by the Denied Boarding regulations.

This means that the airline must offer you the option of either being reimbursed for a cancelled flight or rerouted on either the next possible flight or on an agreed date.

In the case of strikes or computer glitches, you can claim compensation from the airline for cancellations and delays of more than three hours.

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The airline doesn't have to give you a refund if the flight was cancelled due to reasons beyond their control, such as extreme weather.

Here is what you should do if your flight is cancelled, according to Martin Lewis.

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