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A CRUISE ship performer has revealed what it's like to live in the world's smallest cruise ship cabin.

Bryan James is a performer on Wonder of the Seas and shares footage of his life on deck on TikTok.

In a recent video, he gave his followers a tour of his rather small private room where he has managed to find the space to relax and rehearse.

He said: "Living on a cruise ship as a crew member means you live in some pretty small rooms.

"I've been lucky enough to be in a balcony for the past two weeks, but now I'm moving to the smallest room I've ever lived in."

In the video, Bryan and his friend Jeff walk through a narrow corridor on the cruise ship with all their belongings.

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After Bryan opened the door to his room he said: "Oh my God, the smallest cabin."

In the video, Jeff hopped straight into the shower cubicle where his head almost touched the ceiling.

He then proceeded to see how high the shower head stretched.

The pair then explored the rest of the room, which had a small single bed, a wardrobe with a fridge and an extendable desk inside.

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As well as a multi-purpose wardrobe, there was also a sink, stool and TV screen in the room.

He said: "We got to think about practices now because we've got to rehearse.

"You can do the drums on the table and I can be like this with the guitar."

After they'd sussed out their rehearsal space, Bryan bought a suitcase into the room but it was too big to fit under the bed.

Bryan ended the video by turning off the light and letting his friend get some shut-eye on the cramped bed.

The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times and liked by 12,000 users on TikTok.

Many users were shocked by the lack of space in the cabin.

One person wrote: "I could not do it – if you can you're amazing!"

While another added: "No way I could do that room."

Other people in the comments were confused as to whether the cabin was meant for one or two crew members.

One wrote: "If alone, I’d love this, but [it's] too small for 2 people."

With only one bed in view, we're pretty sure this room is just for Bryan.

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