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KEEPING electrical items charged is hugely important when travelling, with more and more items requiring battery power nowadays.

Although most people have power banks that can keep one or two items going while out and about, it's rare that they have enough power in them to charge everything.

However, there are some chargers that can keep up with the most rigorous demands, ensuring travellers retain full use of all their devices.

I took the Excitrus 100w power bank on two trips to put it through its paces and was pleasantly surprised with how much I was able to squeeze from it.

Firstly, I took it with me on a city break to Venice, where I mainly used it to keep my phone and headphones charged.

I had been using them to navigate the city and to listen to music and podcasts while walking around.

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The Excitrus had more than enough battery in it to charge both items whenever they needed it, meaning I rarely had to actually charge them when I got back to the hotel.

My phone needed charging at least once a day, while the headphones needed a top up every other day. During my four day stay, I charged the power bank just once.

It charges up fairly quickly as well – going from 18 per cent to 100 in around an hour.

The same can be said for the speed with which it charges devices too. I never had to wait longer than an hour for something to be fully charged and often it was much less of a wait.

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However, I wanted to really test it out so also took it on a hiking trip around Jordan to see how long it could keep me going.

While there, I was away from plug sockets for several days, including on nights spent camping in the desert.

But it kept my phone, headphones, e-reader and smart watch going throughout the trip, charging all of the items at least once before it needed charging again itself.

Had I brought enough cables with me, it could have done all at once, with three power power ports (2 x USB-C and 1 x USB-A) and magnetic wireless charging all able to to work simultaneously.

Having so much kit loaded into one item does make it a bit cumbersome and hefty, but its weight (480 grams) seems less of an issue when the device is carried in a backpack.

What's more, it's worth having a bit of extra bulk in your bag for the charging power it offers.

The Excitrus retails for around £90, which is a little on the pricey side for a power bank, but I'm a firm believer in paying more and only buying once.

Having had the Excitrus since mid-August, I've seen nothing since to suggest that I'm going to need a new one any time soon.

Overall, it's a very useful and sturdy power bank that is perfect for keeping travellers' items charged while spending longer periods away from electricity.

I'm not the only one to have been impressed by the charger either.

Amazon reviewers have given it an overall score of 4/5, with the vast majority of users giving it a five star rating.

One reviewer wrote: "I love it and it holds charge for more than a week."

A second said: "I am able to fast charge my laptop, wirelessly charge my phone and charge all of my other devices at once."

Another added: " I like that I can use it to charge multiple devices at once. I'd totally recommend this for anyone looking for a larger capacity battery."

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