I work at Disney World and there is one question I wish guests would stop asking me

A DISNEY worker has revealed the one question they get asked by guests – and that they wished they didn't.

The cast member, who works claims to work at the Disney theme parks, said the annoying question happens during the Jungle Cruise ride.

Even worse, they said that the question has been caused by TikTok after a false video claimed staff members have secret maps to the park.

They wrote: "Someone on TikTok said that Jungle Cruise has the maps and to ask for them…and we don’t.

"So now we’ve been having to deal with guests insisting that we DO have them and that we’re lying to them because we’re lazy."

Back in 2020, many passengers claimed to be given free maps when they left the ride, showing the jungle route.

However, the cast member claimed they no longer have these, so guests often accuse them of being lazy.

And people on Reddit warned they were unlikely to be given out anymore.

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One person wrote: "They used to hand them out at the little podium at the exit of the ride, I looked for the podium the other day but it was not there so I'm not sure if they still hand them out or not."

Disney workers have revealed other secrets of the park too.

One former worker revealed which park has the tallest castle, and that staff travel through the park through secret corridors underground.

Another cast member said that they also have strict rules when dressing as the characters, but are allowed 'Disney moustaches'.

Other Disney secrets include the "staff cats" which kill rodents at night and why the bins are always painted green.

And a former Disney employee spilled the park's secrets, including why Animal Kingdom's restrooms are the only ones with doors.

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