Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca knocked onto amber list in blow to Brit holidaymakers – as Croatia and Bulgaria go green

IBIZA, Majorca and Menorca have all been struck off the green travel watch list – but Croatia and Bulgria have been ADDED.

Transport Secretary also confirmed that Hong Kong and Taiwan were going green and the British Virgin Islands going amber,

The green watch list means the country could be relegated back to amber at short notice

The Balearics were added to the list just two weeks ago – meaning unjabbed Brits who have already booked have holiday plans in tatters.

Under new rules coming in next week, double-jabbed Brits will still be able to take advantage of the holiday destinations without the need to quarantine on return. 

But it means evicted Love Island stars who have not been fully vaccinated will be forced to isolate when they are booted out of the villa. 

The show is filmed on the island of Majorca.

Cases on the islands have soared to 258 cases per 100,000 people.

It could spark a mad dash to get home for younger holiday-makers who have not yet received both doses of the vaccine.

Ahead of final sign-off on the traffic light system today, the Transport Sec braced sun-seekers for the bad news – and urged them to get their money back.

We are still living unfortunately in a world where things can and do change quite quickly

He told BBC Breakfast: "It is entirely true to say that we do expect that countries will move from one category to another.

"I hope we've been very, very clear, including by introducing things like green watch list, that when you book, you must make sure that your flights is refundable that your your hotel booking is amendable and that your hotel booking is amendable.

"Because we are still living unfortunately in a world where things can and do change quite quickly."

Double-jabbed Brits coming back after the switch will not have to isolate, but will still need to take a test before their return to the UK, and on the second day after getting home.

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Kids will also be exempt from isolation but those without a vaccine passport will have to spend ten days at home, and take three expensive tests.

Travellers will be able to prove their vaccine status on their NHS app.

Brits can still travel to the islands by showing their app, or proving they have had a negative test 72 hours before travel.

The Balearics are one of 16 destinations on the watchlist that are at risk of going amber. 

While insiders say the data for many top Euro destinations are looking “positive” the list of green nations is unlikely to be expanded.

It means the Costas of Spain and the campsites of France will remain off limits to the un-vaccinated as they will remain amber.

Ministers will announce the updated travel list on Wednesday – a day earlier that expected, according to sources.

The islands of Malta and Madeira, are currently on the green or green watch list.

And further afield, Brits can also travel to Antigua, Barbados and Barbuda without spending up to 10 days in isolation on arrival home.

Airline bookings rose by 400 per cent after the decision was confirmed, sparking fears travellers could face six-hour queues at airports in a rush to finally go overseas.

The rule change will open up travel abroad to 140 amber countries.

However, anyone returning from green or amber countries must take a PCR test on return – with a second taken on the second day after arrival.

Anyone arriving from a red country is forced into a quarantine hotel for ten days which costs £1750 per person.

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