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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed a very common mistake passengers make which leaves them infuriated.

In a video shared to TikTok onboard an aircraft, an air host and hostess acted out one of the "problems" they face daily.

It is not clear which aircraft the pair fly for but they couldn't help taking the mick out of something which seems so simple.

With hundreds of flights taking off daily and some lasting 12 hours, every passenger will need use the bathroom at some point.

But the doors seem to catch people out.

Flight attendant @allycase1 approached her colleague on the plane and asked: "Excuse me is this the bathroom?"


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To which he replied: "Oh yeah it's just right there. Yep that's it right there."

And as the 'passenger' seemed to struggle opening the door, the flight attendant said: "Yep just push."

The video went on for around one minute which saw the air host repeat himself over and over again saying "just push".

The door – which states 'push' – seems to have caused confusion with many.

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In the thousands of comments one user said: "I know how it works, but I still can’t get it to work when I get there! The anxiety is real!"

Meanwhile another added: "I remember the first time I used it, same scenario."

Another thing which really annoys people – mainly passengers – is the reclining of plane seats.

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However, one woman revealed how she "won the seat reclining war". 

It comes after a flight attendant admitted they have favourites onboard a flight and know who they would save first.

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