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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the common mistakes passengers make which can cause problems for everyone onboard.

Many families now travel with carry-on suitcases due to airlines charging to check in bags – which can cause problems in the cabin.

With lots of passengers now having two bags, it can result in full overhead lockers.

Flight attendant Nancy Lee told Travel Awaits: "If you are the first person on the plane, remember that the overhead bin isn’t all for you.

"Don’t put everything you own up there, even if you have long legs.

"Put one bag up there, and stow any second smaller item you have under the seat in front of you."

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She said that parents flying with young kids can make the most of their short legs by putting their bags under the seat in front of them, such as backpacks and smaller luggage.

Lara Ketterman, who has been a flight attendant for 38 years, agreed, saying she feels like she is "playing Tetris" with all of the bags when trying to get them to close.

She also said she "hates checking someone's bag" so has a tactic of sorting the bags.

She added: "If someone has a large, heavy bag and they tell me they cannot lift it, I find a big, strong person and offer them a free drink to help."

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That's not the only problem onboard – as passengers may not realise that some planes have changed their overhead locker size.

Most passengers think you have to lay them flat – but this takes up a lot more room.

Flight attendant Heather Poole told T+L: "If you're lucky enough to find yourself on a plane with the newer, taller bins, you can put them in wheels first, but on their side."

United Airlines recently explained how to fit them in via a TikTok video, saying: "Overhead bins are equipped so you can put your suitcases in there upright like a taco, not flat like a hamburger."

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There is even a secret switch you can use to close your overhead bin if you are struggling, which only crew know about.

And here is a carry-on suitcase that travellers are saying can hold a week's worth of clothing in it – and it fits under your seat.

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