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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed how she always ensures she gets treated like a first-class passenger, even when flying in economy.

One of the perks of working as cabin crew is knowing how to make the most of what you're entitled to on board the plane.

And there's plenty of ways in which you can maximise your time in the air, especially when it comes to having a drink.

Caroline Kneitz worked for Emirates for more than six years, during which time she picked up more than a few tricks for improving her flying experience.

She told Mail Online how she gets extra champagne and more drinks while on board planes.

Firstly, she recommends bringing the crew treats to make them more likely to dish out the drinks and said that this method has worked very well for her before.

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She said: 'Once when I flew from Amsterdam to Frankfurt they poured me several glasses of very expensive champagne, despite the fact I was sitting in economy. This was because I gifted them a bag of gummy bears while I was boarding".

Caroline also said that whenever she orders a drink on a flight, she always asks for doubles.

She claims that it's something that passengers are perfectly entitled to and that flight attendants actually prefer people who do it.

She continued: "If you fancy getting a little bit merry on your flight, ask for doubles immediately when the drinks trolley comes around.

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"The cabin crew will not judge you and will actually prefer it if you do stock up there and then as they will only have run back when you press the call bell later."

Another flight attendant backed up Caroline's suggestion, saying that he would treat passengers better if he received gifts from them before the flight.

He told the Washington Post: “Sometimes we’re on the road for a couple days straight, doing a dozen flights with cascading delays. It’s the thought that really counts."

He went on to say that gifts could make the difference between you sitting in cramped conditions, or getting a bit of extra legroom.

He added: “I would say this would likely not get you a business-class seat from economy, but [a gift] could be a thing that tips the scale between sharing an aisle with someone else versus having the last empty row to yourself.”

Another anonymous cabin crew member has said that the gifts aren't even necessary in order to get preferential treatment.

Instead, they recommend just being nice and treating your flight attendants with respect.

They said: "Flight attendants are typically allowed to give liquor to passengers whenever they want.

"You're way more likely to get free drinks if the flight isn't full, so always be polite and friendly to the staff."

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