I'm a flight attendant -here's what it means if cabin crew call you an ABP

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed a secret code used by cabin crew to assess passengers.

Should the flight experience an emergency situation, onboard crew are looking for passengers who could be an 'ABP' – an Able-Bodied Passenger.

Travel blogger Carrie Bradley worked as a flight attendant for an international airline for over 12 years.

Carrie told The Sun Online: "When passengers are boarding, you're assessing them and seeing if they are an ABP.

"This stands for an Able-Bodied Passenger, meaning in an emergency and if I needed help, who I could ask.

"At the door, whilst greeting passengers and checking their boarding card, I would make a very quick assessment to see if they were well, coherent, could understand me and looked fit and healthy."

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The crew continue to assess passengers throughout the flight, in the unlikely case that a situation could arise.

She said: "During the flight it is easier to continue assessing through chats during the service.

"It may come out that they are a fireman, in the army, an off-duty pilot or cabin crew, or a doctor, which is all useful information."

Carrie now blogs about her travel experiences through her blog, Flying with a Baby.

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With her new role still making her a frequent flyer, Carrie now alerts herself to staff and volunteers to be of assistance.

She said: "On one occasion when I was a passenger, we had an engine problem and straight away I let the crew know I could be an able-bodied passenger."

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