I’m a hotel cleaner and here are five shocking items we don't clean

MOST people who have stayed in a hotel will have assumed it was cleaned prior to them arriving.

But a hotel cleaner revealed there are five items in a room that she has never been told to clean.

Elliana Madrid shared a video on Tiktok of her at work for her job as a cleaner in a hotel room.

In the video she went around the room pointing out items she's never been told to clean.

The five items were the coffee machine, mattress topper, comforter, throw and pillows.

The video has been watched nearly 600,000 times and received more than 570 comments from people disgusted at the lack of cleaning.

Someone wrote: "I didn't want to know this."

Another put: "Sounds like a great way to spread scabies."

Several other hotel cleaners also commented on the video confirming what Elliana said.

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She said she's never been told to wash a mattress topper – even though different people sleep on them all the time
Other hotel cleaners confirmed in the comments that comforters are never cleaned

One wrote: "I've cleaned five star hotels and can confirm this is true. Also don't ever EVER use the glass cups. They get wiped off but never cleaned the way they should."

Another commented: "I used to work in housekeeping and you don't wash any blankets – just sheets and towels.

"Only time they get washed is if something visible is on it."

A third added: "A a former housekeeper, I can confirm this for myself."

It's not just the items Elliana listed that might be harbouring germs from a previous guest in a hotel.

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