I’m a packing expert and here are my 3 tips to travelling with just hand luggage for a week's holiday

PACKING to go on holiday is always a tough job, and your suitcase is never quite big enough for all the clothes, shoes and toiletries you want to squeeze in.

But a packing expert has shared three tips to travelling with just hand luggage for a week's holiday – so you can make the most of every inch of space.

Kayleen Kelly, a self-proclaimed professional organiser, shared a video on Tiktok to show her 280,000 followers how to pack for a holiday.

She went room by room through her house, collecting the items she wanted to take with her on her week-long trip around Europe.

Her first stop was the bathroom and she advised viewers to minimise the amount of toiletries they take away, as they are bulky and can take up lots of room.

She also warned not to bother packing anything expensive in case airport security throws it away.

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She said: "I really pare down my make-up and skincare routines and stick to the basics – definitely sticking to TSA guidelines, and lots of other countries tend to be more strict so I never take expensive product."

After going through the kitchen and the lounge, she came to the bedroom to get all of her clothes packed away.

She recommended travellers wear their bulkiest clothes on the plane and then use a combination of rolling and folding clothes to squeeze as many as possible into a suitcase.

She said: "To save space I wear as many layers on the plane as I possibly can.

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"I'm maxing out my space the best I can by doing a combination of rolling and also folding the items – it's kind of like a Tetris puzzle."

She then packed all her clothes into compression packing cubes, which she described as a "game changer", and advised travellers to do the same.

She said: "The key player are the compression packing cubes, they are a game changer. They keep everything really organised while on the trip which I love."

She then put the packing cubes on one side of the case and her toiletries, snacks and shoes on the other and she was ready to go.

The video has been watched 340,000 times and people were big supporters of the packing cubes.

One person wrote: "Packing cubes absolutely changed my game", and another put: "Love, love, love my packing cubes – everyone in the family has their own colour."

Someone else simply put: "Packing cubes are life changing."

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