Man divides opinion for 'no-nonsense' reaction to passenger removing shoes during flight

A passenger has been praised for his response to a fellow traveller putting his bare feet on his seat.

Mr Walker, who runs the TikTok account The Walker Twins, asked "what to do in this situation" after the passenger behind had his feet on his arm rest.

He then wrote he "had to do something" before pouring a bottle of water onto the man's bare feet.

The passenger quickly pulls their foot away, although the video cuts before his reaction.

The video has since been watched nearly four million times, with TikTok users praising his reation.

One person wrote: "You did the right thing!"

Another person commented: "Right on. I'm so tired of people and their lack of respect for others."

Others offered their own suggestions of how to deal with them, from tickling them or sneezing on them to "intertwining your fingers with their toes".

However, others felt he overreacted, with one person saying he should have just asked them to move their feet.

Another person wrote: "Say something. Be direct but kind."

Other disgusting passengers include one woman snapped with her bare feet sitting on a fellow traveller's headrest.

Last year, a passenger was been called "gross" and rude for sleeping across three seats on a plane barefoot while putting his hands down his shorts and blocking the aisle.

Not only that, but he was also spotted wearing his face mask incorrectly while sleeping.

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