Man shares photo with his 'identical twin' on holiday but there's a huge twist | The Sun

A TOURIST has gone viral after he posted a picture of the moment he met his 'doppelgänger' in a hotel pool online.

The photo shows two men, who not only look identical but are also wearing matching glasses and trucker caps in a swimming pool in Las Vegas.

The man, who goes by the name Sean Douglas Mcardle on Reddit captioned the picture: "I wasn’t convinced until now…. we are definitely in a simulation.

"Today I randomly swam past my Doppelseäner at the Flamingo pool in Vegas."

He added: " I was just swimming by in the pool and a big group of strangers were pointing at me and laughing.

"I got really self conscious, looked back at my friends and they were all pointing and laughing at him. That's when I saw him.

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"I immediately thought 'holy s*** that guy looks like the dude I see in the mirror,' and my second thought was, 'He looks cooler than me. Probably has real Club Master Ray Bans unlike my Zenni knock offs.'"

The post has since been liked almost 100,000 times of the online chat forum, attracting more than 2,000 comments, many of whom suggested that there are a lot of men who look exactly like the two in the picture.

One person said: "There are 3 of you guys at every brewery."

Another added: "You look like brothers of Seth Rogen."

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Thanks to social media, people meeting their doppelgänger have become increasingly well publicised online, although they are still far from the norm.

These individuals have managed to find their identical lookalikes for an incredible photo – despite not being related at all.

But the chance meetings haven't always been a cause for celebration.

According to ancient folklore, coming face to face with your doppelgänger is one of the worst omens of all – it means your death is just around the corner.

Sun Online previously reporter how for centuries, folklore and ghost stories told of people being confronted with mysterious apparitions of themselves – and their loved ones.

People worried that doppelgangers wanted to plant sinister ideas in their their human version's head, so it was strongly advised never to trust them or communicate with them under any circumstances.

There are plenty of celebrity lookalikes who've found a degree of fame or fortune off the back of their likeness to A-Listers.

From Ryan Gosling to Jennifer Lopez, meet the uncanny doppelgangers to the stars who will have you seeing double.

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Last year, a Drake look-alike started turning up at nightclubs and performing the artists’ hit songs from Drake's newest album.

News of the Drake imposter went viral after Canadian rapper Tory Lanez called him out at a performance in a Miami, Florida club.

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