Most disgusting act by a passenger ever after woman caught doing something VERY gross during flight

A WOMAN was caught doing something very gross during a flight – but it wasn't the first time.

Instagram model Vvs Diamond shared a video on her social media account while travelling from Miami Florida.

During the flight, she decided to dry her underwear out in front of other passengers.

In the video she was caught holding her pink thong above her head.

She then used the overhead air vents to dry them out, shifting them from side to side.

Perhaps rather shockingly, she wasn't shamed by other passengers, but shared the video herself.

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And more than 14,000 people liked the video with lots of people finding it funny – but some people were grossed out.

One person said: "People don't have self respect anymore.”

Another said: "No just no.”

But she isn't the first passenger to do this with their underwear during a flight.

Back in 2018, another woman was caught drying their pants using the vents, much to the horror of another passenger.

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