Portugal introduces new travel rules even for fully vaccinated Brits

PORTUGAL is reinforcing Covid test rules for Brits visiting the country, even if they are fully jabbed.

The new rules come amid fears of the new Omicron variant, which has led to a number of border closures and travel bans.

The Portuguese government confirmed that all arrivals to the country must have a negative Covid test before arrival.

In place from December 1, this must be a PCR, taken no more than 72 hours before travelling, or an antigen, taken no more than 48 hours before travelling.

Airlines are expected to be strictly following the new procedure, as they face being fined €20,000 (£16,927) if any passengers are allowed to travel without one.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa said last week: "It doesn't matter how successful the vaccination was, we must be aware we are entering a phase of greater risk.

"We have seen significant growth [in cases] in the EU and Portugal is not an island."

Around 87 per cent of Portugal's population of just over 10 million is fully inoculated against the coronavirus and the country's speedy vaccination rollout has been widely praised.

Costa also confirmed that everyone, even those fully vaccinated, must also present proof of a negative coronavirus test to enter nightclubs, bars, large events and care homes.

The EU digital certificate will also be required to stay in hotels, go to the gym, or dine indoors in restaurants.

Other countries are also enforcing new rules on UK holidaymakers due to the new variant.

Spain is banning all unvaccinated Brits from December 1, which includes anyone over the age of 12, while Switzerland has banned all non-Swiss arrivals.

Austria has banned tourists until at least December 13, having gone back into lockdown..

Morocco banned all UK flights after Covid cases soared across Britain last month, with the ban still in place, while Qatar put the UK on its red list last week, meaning all Brits, even if fully vaxxed, must quarantine at a hotel for two days on arrival.

And in the UK, 10 countries are now back on the red list, while all arrivals must have a negative PCR test on day two and isolate until the result is back.

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