Pub launches igloo hotel where the walls are made from frozen beer which you can lick – The Sun

AN igloo hotel with frozen beer flavoured walls has opened in the UK – which you can lick and try for yourself.

The ‘Ale B&B’ was a one-off structure which allowed people to enjoy the festive season by climbing inside and enjoying a beer in London.

Once inside they were given the choice of cracking open a bottle of ale – or licking the structure’s icy blocks which contained more than 1,000 litres of frozen ale.

The unique, five-feet high igloo was created by Greene King to celebrate the launch of Ice Break, its new pale ale.

Matt Starbuck, managing director of Greene King, said: "There are a multitude of quirky and unusual B&B stays available in the UK at the moment, but we’ve never seen a real frozen igloo, particularly one where the walls are made from beer.

"Our Ale B&B is the perfect place to cosy up with a friend or loved one and enjoy an ale-tasting experience like no other…and we can certainly guarantee the coldest beer you’ll find in the capital."

He added: "This is the first ale igloo we’ve launched to date, and we might even roll it out to our pubs up and down the country.

"It could be the ideal overnight stay for people who don’t fancy getting a taxi home at closing time."

As part of the unique igloo experience, visitors were provided with sleeping bags, hand warmers, scarves and gloves to snuggle up in comfort and enjoy a refreshing drink.

The new Ice Breaker pale ale is available at over 180 pubs across London now.

If you fancy a more exclusive igloo experience, you can book a heated glass igloo in the North Pole, where you can watch the Northern Lights.

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You can also build and sleep in your own igloo in Switzerland – although it will cost you nearly £300 a night.

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