The 10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In In Europe

Europe is the hub of many incredible tourist attractions, historical landmarks, and food and entertainment options that are highly esteemed across the world. European regions have a reputation of being lavish and luxurious, and we all associate a trip to the region with a hefty price-tag. Rightfully so… there is really nothing economical about life in these cities which are rich in culture and historical significance. The European lifestyle puts more focus on the quality of life than American and North Americans do.

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Self indulgence, time off, and a life filled with good times and memorable moments of entertainment and social encounters are much more prevalent in Europe. You can expect to pay for this privilege though, as all fine things tend to come with a significant price tag. It’s very costly to keep up with the European lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the 10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In Europe….

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10 Geneva

It is one of Switzerland cities and is known as being the home and hub of Europe’s United Nations headquarters. Breath-taking views of the Mont Blanc attract the most elite travelers in the world, and drive up the cost of the surrounding real estate.

The high cost of living in Geneva is due largely to the appeal of the city as being a central business hub with jaw-dropping natural views. The cost of groceries in Geneva is 127.5% more than that of Houston in the USA. It’s not just the property – it’s the general way of life here that can become very pricey.

9 Reykjavik

Known primarily as Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik is also among Europe’s finest and most expensive cities to live in. The city is driven by large tourist dollars and attracts entrepreneurs and investors at a fast pace. The cost of living is further increased by the historical fact that this is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world.

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This makes it all the more desirable and the cost of living continues to rise to reflect the demand.

8 Oslo

Oslo is one of the most densely populated cities in Norway. Considered to be one of the largest economic cities of Norway, this region is the centre of banking, shipping, and business in general. This area is the pulse of the city and attracts many investors each year.

Oslo tops the lists as having the best quality of life, as long as you can afford to live here! To put things in perspective; housing, transportation and all other essentials in Oslo are 34% more expensive than in Prague.

7 London

The hustle and bustle of London is vibrant and very much alive. This region is a leader in entertainment options, fashion selections, art expression and is unmatched when it comes to healthcare.

With so many attractions nearby, including museums, sporting events, galleries, museums, and other cultural institutions, the London Life is in high demand, and property value continues to rise.

6 Lausanne

Those who live in Lausanne are aware that this is a stunning, refined, French-speaking region that is highly sought after. A considerable amount of focus is put on sports, the Olympics – and fun! The housing market is a very steep one here.

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Crowds gather to cheer and support their local teams and populate the bars. Once this moment is over, the cost of living reality sets in, and this may be one of the most daunting cities to live in if your pockets aren’t deep enough to support your leisurely habits.

5 Dublin

Dublin is a capital city, and a tourist attraction, It is highly populated, regularly traveled to, and often saturated with various business opportunities for those looking to make a living here. The cost of living and the fees associated with common household responsibilities are quite high, and have drastically increased the cost of rent and home ownership over the years.

You may earn good money here, but you’ll be spending it at a fast pace for the most basic necessities of life.

4 Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and is also another densely populated area that sees a lot of tourism and social demand. It is recognized as one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe and the cost of property and real-life expenses add up very quickly here.

A casual, simple meal for one will cost you over 125 Euros while a regular cup of cappuccino goes for 34 Euros.

3 Zurich

This beautiful Swiss city is 2 centuries old and has maintained its old, expressive charm. Tourists flock to this region to indulge in the experiences of the many historical sites and museums which exist here. This region houses significant financial centers and financial institutions.

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Investors add to the population of this city and the cost of housing, social adventures, and personal care are extremely high. If you were to move to Zurich from New York, for example, you can expect to spend 74% more on food and clothing!

2 Paris

It goes without saying that Paris is a wildly popular destination among common tourists, and A-List celebrities alike. Considered to be the city-of-love, people flock to Paris to indulge in the finest, freshest cuisine, and to admire the beauty that lays within the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre – and the numerous other tourist hot-spots that continue to drive up the cost of living in this region.

The money flows into Paris at a rapid rate, but if you want to live a lavish lifestyle and be surrounded by all these fine things, there’s a big price tag attached to the experience.

1 Barcelona

Known for its beauty as much as it is known as being a popular tourist destination, Barcelona can easily become a very, very expensive area to reside in. This area is known to be laid-back and tends to attract fashion artist as well as economic investors. However, the night life really does keep going strong, and continues to attract new people who come to visit this region.

The cost of food is extensive in Barcelona – so come prepared to dish-out on those dishes! It’s easy to get lost in the carefree lifestyle that this region offers, which can become costly very fast.

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