The 10 Richest Towns In Oregon

Oregon isn’t really a place one might associate with wealth, such as other states like California or New York. It does, however, have several towns and suburbs that are wealthier than others. Their residents make a higher wage and these people tend to congregate in similar areas, and that area appears to be Portland. It is also safe to assume that the economies in these areas are better than those in areas with poverty-level wages.

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The U.S. Census Bureau lays out the facts by providing the median household income between 2013 and 2017, at the rate of the dollar in 2017. These numbers may have fluctuated in the past few years, but it is generally safe to say that these towns are still at the top of the list. Keep reading to learn about the ten richest towns in Oregon!

10 West Haven-Sylvan CDP ($85,230)

This is a census-designated town in Oregon that has a population of 9,067 as of 2019. Their population has continued to grow over the years and the median value of the homes in the area is $432,400, which only goes to show that some very low-income families have brought down this town’s median income.

They have a 7.7% poverty rate, which is quite impressive when you consider the wealth of the other people living in these neighborhoods. This is one town in Portland that not everyone can afford, as it has catered to the wealthy.

9 Oak Hills CDP ($85,318)

This town contains Butler County Community College and as of 2010 had a population of 11,333. Their median income is higher than that of the previous town, but the median cost of their housing is lower at a price of $387,600.

Many of these people have a daily 26-minute commute and we can only assume it is because this town is so wealthy and sought after. The poverty level here is also lower at 5.6% and we can only imagine the luxurious feel of this place.

8 Garden Home-Whitford CDP ($85,769)

The median income went up, but the population went down as only 6,674 people live in this area. They make a median income of 85,769 and many spend an average of $391,400 on their homes. There are probably several gated communities in this area as the poverty percentage drops to only 4%.

This town holds quite a bit of history as the old Electric Railway used to stop here and they celebrate their history through several yearly events. There are also several specialty shops located here like Retractable Tool Tether, The Wood Doctor, and Bead Astray.

7 Lake Oswego ($93,993)

This is a more popular city on the outskirts of Portland that has an estimated 2018 population of 39,532. Their median income experiences quite a jump as they hit $93,993 for a single household. The people who live here do spend quite a bit more on their living arrangements as the average cost is $559,100.

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They also boast a low poverty level of 5.6%, which is surprising when you see how well-known this place is compared to others in the area. There are so many things to do in the area as it is a place filled with natural wonders, but they also have indoor tennis courts and golf for the wealthy who live in the area.

6 Sherwood ($95,309)

Sherwood, Oregon is one some might have expected to be higher on our list, and we are too with a poverty level of only 3.8%. The median family income is $95,309, but they do have more middle-class families as their housing costs are around $353,500.

This town has everything a person could ever want who lives a life of luxury as they have wineries, markets, specialty shops, and a love for the arts. It is the perfect place for bachelors and bachelorettes to move who have quite a bit of extra cash to blow as they can eat and drink their way through their after-hours life.

5 West Linn ($100,188)

This town is a bit bigger than most on our list with an estimated 2018 population of 26,756. It is, however, filled with several wealthy citizens as they bring in a median family income of $100,188 and they buy homes at a median cost of $433,300. They also have a very low poverty level of 4.3%, which definitely helps them achieve this high income and increase their overall wealth.

It is situated between two rivers and has a vast history as it was one of the first settlements in this great state. There are so many things to do like go for a walk, fish off the docks, or visit the spot of the largest meteorite in North America.

4 Bull Mountain CDP ($108,324)

If you were looking for a wine tour with the wealthy, then you should visit this town in Oregon. The median family income is $108,324, which might not seem like a lot to some, but it is when you still have 2% of your population in poverty.

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They only had 9,133 residents back in 2010 and on average they spend about $419,500 on their homes. There are also plenty of nearby golf courses and parks to entice people to move here, and the overall atmosphere of this place helps the rich feel safe.

3 Cedar Mill CDP ($114,909)

Cedar Mill CDP is the more natural side of Portland filled with lots of trees and unsophisticated land. This has driven up the richness of this town as it costs more to afford to build on or buy this undeveloped land.

The median household income is $114,909 and back in 2010, they had a total of 14,546 residents living here. The housing costs are not cheap as the median cost rests at $518,300, but it is quite surprising that 5.8% of its population reside in poverty.

2 Happy Valley City ($115,718)

The name of this place is quite a mouthful, but that is part of its grand and wealthy appeal. Their 2018 population estimate is quite high with a total of 21,694 residents that has seen quite a jump since it was last recorded in 2010.

Surprisingly, the houses cost less than the previous town on our list as the median price is about $454,400. They do have a poverty level of 4.6% which obviously brings down their income, but the variety of high-end activities available to the wealthy makes it the perfect place for them to live.

1 Bethany ($121,149)

This town is the richest in the entire state of Oregon and it even has a larger population of 20,646. There are obviously more than a few high rollers in this area as the median household income is $121,149 and housing isn’t much better at a median cost of $479,700.

It is advertised as an up-and-coming community that includes its own golf club. They even have a micro restaurant that showcases four restaurants in one and follows the trend of food carts. There is so much tucked into this little town that entices people to move here as they search for the perfect place to sink their riches.

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