The 5 dreamy destinations on Team Stylist’s travel list for 2022

Written by Leah Sinclair

As we prepare for the new year, many of us are looking ahead to what 2022 will hold – and we’re hoping travel is on the agenda.

As we look ahead to 2022, there are many hopes we have for the year to come.

Whether it’s achieving our health and fitness goals, reaching career milestones or general personal growth, the promise of a new year means new experiences – and one many of us are looking forward to is travelling.

The prospect of visiting far-flung locations and even city breaks close to home have been in doubt due to the Covid-19 pandemic – and with it still running rampant as we enter 2022, concerns around travel remain at an all-time high.

But it doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream about basking underneath the sun on a pristine white sandy beach and taking in the culture of an entirely new city – and here at Stylist HQ, we’re being (cautiously) optimistic about the travel possibilities for 2022.

Here, we’ve listed the five destinations we want to visit in the new year if time and the pandemic permits. 

Passports at the ready…

  • Tulum, Mexico

    Travel 2022: Tulum, Mexico

    “In 2022, I am crossing every finger and toe that I make it to Tulum to stay at Olas. The eco-hotel genuinely stands up to sustainability creds and is a secluded boutique guesthouse located right on the impossibly perfect water. Laidback, relaxed and effortlessly stunning, find me there, cocktail in hand, sometime in June. That’s not too much to ask, right?”

    Morgan Fargo, Senior Beauty Writer

  • Istanbul, Turkey

    Travel 2022: Istanbul, Turkey

    “When it comes to a city break, great food is what guides me, and that’s why Istanbul is on my must-visit list for 2022. From the no-frills kebab shops serving juicy meat skewers cooked over coals to the bustling spice bazaars and the old-school bakeries dishing out syrupy baklava, it’s just the sort of delicious buzz I need.”

    Ellie Edwards, Freelance Social Media Editor

  • Tokyo, Japan

    Travel 2022: Tokyo, Japan

    “I’ve always been intrigued by Tokyo and planned to visit the city in December 2020 before Covid-19 put a halt to all of our travel plans. With the possibility of travelling more next year, I would love to take the opportunity to visit a part of the world I’ve never been to before and fully immerse myself in Japanese culture and experience what the city has to offer.”

    Leah Sinclair, Senior Digital Writer 

  • Lisbon, Portugal

    Travel 2022: Lisbon, Portugal

    “Back when the pandemic first began in March 2020, my boyfriend and I had a May trip to Lisbon booked that we (stupidly) believed we’d actually get to go on once everything had “blown over”. Of course, coming up to two years later, we still haven’t made up for that lost trip, but that hasn’t stopped me dreaming about strolling the sun-soaked streets with a pastel de nata in hand. It’s my mission to make 2022 the year we finally get to explore the beautiful city.”

    Amy Beecham, Digital Writer

  • Bologna, Italy

    Travel 2022: Bologna, Italy

    “Take everything you love about Italian food, multiply it by a thousand and you have Bologna – capital of Italy’s northern Emilia Romagna region, and the place to be if you want a slice of the sweet life. This glorious city is synonymous in my mind with mountains of parmesan cheese and golden tortellini; it even has its own sfogline (pasta ladies) who demonstrate the magic in action.

    Next year, I can’t wait to amble through the miles of rust-red porticoes in this fun, student-filled city, finding family-run trattorias and eating my body weight in gelato before stopping for an aperitivo in the afternoon sunshine of some medieval square.”

    Anna Brech, Freelance Editor

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