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NEXT time you're travelling on a plane, there are a number of things you could ask for without having to spend a penny.

Here are six things you could get for free on your flight – as long as you are polite about it.

Cockpit tour

Pilot Vicky McCarthy told Sun Online Travel that you can often have a nosey round the cockpit if you ask nicely.

This is mainly for kids, although adults are welcome to pop in too.

Vicky said: "A lot of people are scared that they can’t go in, but if you would like to, just ask. If it’s too busy, the cabin crew will just tell you – there’s no harm in asking."

Just make sure it is before the flight, not during the flight as this is a safety issue.

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She added: "If your plane is delayed on the runway then that’s the perfect time."

Former flight attendant Beth Blair agreed, telling USA Today: "Pilots love to get visitors, especially wide-eyed children. It makes their day to have the chance to show off their 'office.'"


If one bag of pretzels isn't enough, crew probably won't mind if you ask for another one.

Former flight attendant Beth Blair said: "On some flights it seems nearly all of the passengers pass on meals or snacks (such as late at night). Those flights are the best bet for getting seconds."

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Make sure you're polite though.

Kat Kamalani, who works as a flight attendant in the US, said in a video: "If you're rude and mean, we're not going to give you a free drink."


One thing passengers may not realise they can ask for on a flight is something from the first aid kit.

Plasters and painkillers can all be given for free from the flight attendants.

Former flight attendant Dan Air told MailOnline: "We do have quite a well-stocked first aid kit, although we're not a pharmacy so don't be asking us for paracetamol just to try and cure your hangover."


It's often a contentious issue when it comes to getting a free upgrade on a flight.

However, experts said all you have to do is ask – and depending on their mood, you could be in with a chance.

Jason Kraemer, the co-founder of travel website Flashpacker Co explained: “Premium seats typically get filled up by business travellers on domestic flights.

"But all it takes is an agent or crew member in a good mood to bump you up to first class or business class.”

Water refills

Staying hydrated on a flight is hard to do, so taking your own water bottle can help.

Flight attendants are happy to fill this up rather than give you a small cup of water.

However, it is best to ask not during the food service as they will be busy – instead, go down to the galley and ask there.


While you should proceed with caution, suggesting you are celebrating could also get you a cheeky upgrade.

Rachael Sullivan, who works as a flight attendant, said in a video: "Me and my husband made these shirts for our honeymoon."

The t-shirts in question read Honeymoon Bound on the front.

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She continued: "And now every time we fly, we wear them. Every time we wear them, we get overserved."

She then shared a picture of a mini bottle of Champagne and nuts they were given by the flight crew.

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