The clever way Disney hides things they don't want you to see at the theme park

DISNEY has a clever way to hide things they don't want guests to see – thanks to using a certain shade.

Called Bye Bye Blue, the theme park uses it to make large ugly buildings blend into the background, to keep the magic of the parks.

Instagram account The Mouselets said in a video: "This is how Disney hides their buildings in plain sight.

"They use colours called Bye Bye blue. These colours were created by Disney not to be noticed."

She said that while up close it might not seem that hidden, "a lot of the time it does work, especially when you are far away."

They added: "Many show buildings in Epcot are painted Bye Bye Blue and blend in well."

While lots of people said they could still see them, others remarked it was to make them "unnoticeable," not invisible.

One person said: "When you're preoccupied with everything else in the park, those definitely fade into the background and they are hard to take notice of."

It isn't just blue being used to hide buildings.

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The particular shade of green, described as grey-green with a tinge of blue, has been dubbed "Go Away Green" or "no-see-um-green".

According to podcast Life's A Party which was shared on TikTok, host Ryan Smith explained: "I saw where they paint doors a certain shade of green.

"Apparently us humans, we don't recognise that shade of green and we don't even recognise the door being there."

His co-host added: "So that's called Go Away Green. Go Away Green is a paint colour that Disney uses when they want to hide things."

The colour is designed by "Imagineers", part of the Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) team who create all of the designs and themes in the Disney franchise including cruises, attractions, resorts and theme parks.

Another secret includes the hidden spot near Sleeping Beauty's castle, where guests can meet the characters without the crowds.

And Disney has announced plans to build a whole residential town which will have homes, a hotel and even a huge lagoon.

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