The essential item you should pack in your hand luggage – revealed by former flight attendants

PACKING to go on holiday can be tricky if you're only taking hand luggage – with weight restrictions and liquid limits making it even more complicated.

To make it easier, some former flight attendants have revealed the essential item that they swear by.

The women have shared the products they pack to reduce the amount of liquids they're carrying with Metro.

They suggest taking soap, shampoo and conditioner bars instead of their liquid counterparts.

The bars are solid and can be packed away in your luggage instead of taking up space in your very limited liquids bag.

Former cabin crew worker Daisy White told "Toiletries should all be decanted into the smaller travel-sized bottles you can buy in Boots, and shampoo bars and conditioners are so much easier and better for the environment.

"Just make sure you buy leakproof cases for them."

Hannah Murphy, a former flight attendant, added: "When packing toiletries, to save them leaking all over my case and clothes (yes, it has happened so many time), I would pack the minimum in terms of liquids.

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"Bars of soap, for example, as opposed to shower gel, and dry shampoo which was always and still is my lifesaver."

Hannah also suggests checking in advance if the hotel or accommodation you're staying at provides toiletries.

If it does, then you don't need to take any at all, freeing up even more space.

An Emirates flight crew have revealed the essential items they can't fly without – and the items you can ditch.

This is the £1 item flight attendants swear by when they are going on holiday.

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