The exact amount of swimwear you need for a 2-week holiday revealed – and how many times you can rewear it | The Sun

HOLIDAYMAKERS have been told exactly how much swimwear they need to take with them for a two-week holiday.

Knowing how much clothing to pack can be a real issue for some people, especially when it comes to bikinis and swimming shorts.

Some people see re-using as unhygienic, whereas others are happy to keep wearing the same pair for the whole holiday.

Luckily, experts at Lounge underwear have revealed how many times you can recycle your swimwear and when it's time for a change.

They explained that washing and drying are crucial after each use, and that each can be re-worn three to five times, if properly looked after.

They said: "Ensuring your swimwear is completely dry, you can re-wear it usually three to five times, if you are washing it thoroughly after each use.

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"On holiday you usually don’t have a washing machine, you will be relying on hand washing your swimsuits so we would recommend approximately three re-wears before putting on a fresh bikini."

Therefore, if you're using your swimwear every single day on a two-week trip you ought to be packing four or five different sets with you.

That's enough for a daily swim, without having to worry about running out, or your swimwear becoming too dirty.

However, Lounge also provided advice for people who might think about borrowing a friend's, should they run out of their own. Apparently it's a really bad idea.

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They said: "Sharing outfits and accessories is a staple of the girl’s holiday experience, however, you may want to give this a rethink when it comes to sharing swimwear.

"As bikinis trap moisture you could end up with bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection.

"We all like to share, but when it comes to swimwear – sharing is not caring."

Wearing a bikini on holiday could get you in trouble in other ways too – with some destinations fining people who wear them away from pools and beaches.

In Barcelona, people can only wear bikinis on the beach, and holidaymakers caught wearing one in the town centre could face a fine of up to £260.

Similarly, bikinis are limited to the beaches in Majorca, with fines of up to £500 for those caught flouting the rules.

Elsewhere, the mayor of Sorrento in Italy said that wearing swimwear in public, as well as being topless, was part of 'widespread indecorous behaviour'.

Anyone caught flouting their rules could be fined as much as £425.

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Meanwhile, a number of beaches in Italy are charging tourists to sunbathe.

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