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NEXT time you rock up to a restaurant on your much-deserved holiday abroad, you could find yourself turned away due to a number of bizarre rules.

From wearing football shirts to eating alone, here are three ways you could be banned from a restaurant across Europe.

Wearing football shirts

If you're on holiday in Spain, you might want to leave your football shirt in your suitcase.

A number of restaurants in Majorca have banned football shirts from being worn in them.

The ban is to try and prevent "drunken tourism" which sees tourists behave badly and pass out on the streets.

The ban applies to eleven restaurants at the moment, all associated with the Palma Beach brand, but others are likely to follow.

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Dining alone

Make sure you take a mate to some Spanish restaurant, or you could also see yourself banned from dining there.

Restaurants in the city of Barcelona have been accused of kicking stopping solo diners from being given tables.

Barcelona resident Anna said she asked a restaurant what the minimum price she would have to pay to sit on the terrace to have dinner and they allegedly told her that she"simply could not sit alone".

And local resident Eudald faced problems at three different restaurants when eating alone, with them pretending the tables were reserved, giving 20 minute time limits or just being told the terrace was "only for groups".

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It's not just Spain – a traveller in the Algarve said they were also turned away for being a solo diner.

Holidaymaker Carly said they had since found other people saying the same thing, with many "refused service" as they were on the terrace by themselves.

Here are some other people who were turned away for being solo diners.

Not tipping enough

If you end up skipping out without dropping a tip, you may not be welcomed back to some restaurants.

A recent report found that restaurants in the celeb-favourite St Tropex are keeping secret lists of people who don't tip highly.

According to the Mail Online, tourists are being encouraged to leave extra large tips on top of the 15 per cent service charge.

Local newspaper Var-Martin said that people who were listed as bad tippers were told the restaurant was full and to try somewhere else.

One restauranteur said: "We love the British and they spend a lot of money here but those who don't have unlimited funds need to be warned."

A restaurant in Italy sparked debate last year after "banning" kids from entering,

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