These are the top 10 Airbnb locations in Europe to book now

Written by Amy Beecham

Now that restrictions have begun to ease, 2021 is the summer of travel for many. Here are the top 10 Airbnb locations in Europe to help plan your next trip.

As Covid restrictions have begun to ease in countries across the world, many people are starting to book the trips and getaways they’ve been dreaming about for the past 18 months. In fact, Airbnb has reported a 52% increase in reservations since travel has started again.

But after such a long wait and build up of expectations, how can you ensure that you’ve planned the best trip possible?

Luckily, the experts at have investigated which locations in Europe have the highest rated Airbnbs, and ranked them based on positive reviews and average experience rating. 

Feeling inspired to book your next trip? Here are the top 10 Airbnb locations in Europe.

Top 10 Airbnb locations in Europe

1. Kerry, Ireland

Top 10 Airbnb locations: Kerry, Ireland

Think you have to go far to have the perfect holiday? Think again, as research from found that Kerry, in the southwest region of Ireland, had the highest-rated Airbnb properties in Europe, with an average rating of 96 out of 100. Alongside its green land and mountains, Kerry is home to breathtaking cliffs, coastlines, and famous landmarks such as Torc Waterfall and Torc Mountain.

2. Moscow, Russia

Top 10 Airbnb locations: Moscow, Russia

You may associate the Russian capital with snowy, sub-zero temperatures, but Moscow actually has quite mild summers, with an average of 24 degrees. It’s the perfect time to roam Moscow’s many parks and green spaces, as well as visit the iconic Red Square. 

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Top 10 Airbnb locations: Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you’re dreaming of swimming in the clear blue Adriatic, sunbathing on the pristine shore or dining alfresco,head to Dubrovnik’s old town and stay in one of their top-rated Airbnbs. 

4. Santorini, Greece

Top 10 Airbnb locations: Santorini, Greece

Balmy weather, beautiful beaches and its famous blue and white architecture: what more could you want from a Greek getaway? Santorini has long been a hotspot for European travellers, but make your stay feel more authentic by enjoying some Greek hospitality with a local host.

5. Budapest, Hungary

Top 10 Airbnb locations: Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital city really comes alive in the summer, making it the perfect short-haul destination. Check out traditional spas, beautiful architecture or escape to tranquil Lake Balaton – the choice is all yours.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Top 10 Airbnb locations: Edinburgh, Scotland

Almost out of annual leave? You can still escape to Scotland for just the weekend. Explore both the medieval Old Town and elegant Georgian New Town, as well as taking in the views from Arthur’s Seat.

7. Ibiza, Spain

Top 10 Airbnb locations: Ibiza, Spain

While Ibiza has a reputation for being a party island brimming with beach clubs, you can still find moments of unwind. Head to neighbourhoods like Talamanca or Portinatx for a more chilled vibe. 

8. Cinque Terre, Italy

Top 10 Airbnb locations: Cinque Terre, Italy

A centuries-old seaside village on the rugged Riviera coastline, Cinque Terre is considered a bit of a hidden gem. For an authentic Italian experience, head here for the colourful houses, vineyards and cliffside hiking trails.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Top 10 Airbnb locations: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam makes a great city break for good reason, with bustling streets, riverside walks and lots of culture to soak up. It’s also just an hour from the sandy beaches of The Hague, if you want to combine city and sea.

10. Copenhagen, Denmark

Top 10 Airbnb locations: Copenhagen, Denmark

Where better to plan a trip than the happiest city in the world? If you’re looking for a different pace of life, head to the Danish capital for some well-deserved R&R.

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