Watch as tall passenger struggles with plane seat – and easyJet is slammed for not upgrading to empty extra legroom row | The Sun

A TALL passenger was caught struggling with his plane seat – and easyJet has been slammed for not offering to move him to an empty row of seats.

In a video shared to Tiktok, the man is seen trying to squeeze into a seat, before standing up near the front of the plane.

The TikTok user who filmed the incident wrote: This guy was about 6"5. His legs were clearly hurting him.

"There were two spare extra legroom seats at the front of the plane.

"He stood there for so long while they just looked at him and worked around him.

"Not one of them asked if he was okay the whole flight.

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"He then struggled to get into a seat and sit comfortably, while one guy just watched him again.

"I asked the steward mid-flight if could they offer him the spare extra leg room seats and she told me no because they are upgrade seats only.

"I said I got that, but we had taken off and no one was sitting there, and she said no.

"I had to say something, I tried mid-flight and she wasn't having any of it. Even if he didn't want them, they could still have offered them to him.

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"This was sad to watch. Funny thing is it cost £12 more for those seats, and when I looked online before these seats were sold out, so clearly someone didn't turn up."

At the end of the flight, the man confronted the crew again to which the flight attendant apologised.

Other users were shocked by the footage and said the airline looked like they didn't care.

One said: "I work as check-in agent and I also board planes and arrange seat maps. Yes they could have offered it for free, they didn't care less."

Someone claiming to be an easyJet employee said they would have offered the seats had they been on the flight: "This makes me sad. As an easyJet employee, he should have been moved as they were empty."

An easyJet spokesperson apologised for the man's discomfort and explained that they wouldn't routinely offer to move passengers to upgrade seats in fairness to other customers.

They said: "We are sorry if the customer in the video was uncomfortable.

"We offer all customers a range of seating options including seats with extra legroom which can be purchased prior to travel so the customer could have selected one of these.  

"In fairness to customers who have paid for an extra legroom seat our crew wouldn’t routinely offer extra legroom seat upgrades free of charge but they can use discretion which may have been appropriate here."

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