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A COUPLE was left devasted after a simple mistake meant they missed out on their dream holiday.

Janet and Jim Baker, 75 and 65, had booked a cruise holiday to Norway together.

Cashing in some of their life savings and pensions, the pair said they decided to book the "once-in-a-lifetime" trip together.

However, the pair were turned away at the port after making a mistake with Janet's passport.

Brits now need to have at least three months left on their passport, which TUI, who they booked the cruise through, said Janet didn't.

Their son, John, said they were left devastated and confused when they were stopped from boarding.

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He said: "She apparently just kept asking Jim what was happening.

"Jim was just so embarrassed as he knows admin just isn’t his strong point, hence them using TUI to do everything. He felt like he’d let Mum down."

Not only did they miss out on the cruise, but they also missed out on other excursions including seeing the Northern Lights.

John said they had booked the trip to celebrate Janet being given the all-clear following a cancer diagnosis – only for her to be diagnosed with dementia.

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He added: "They decided to make it a trip mum could really treasure and make some happy memories."

John slammed TUI and said they should have raised the issue with them when they booked the trip, which they did through the Tunbridge Wells branch.

However, a TUI spokesperson said: “We completely understand Mr and Mrs Baker’s disappointment in being unable to travel on their cruise as planned.

“We always follow the FCDO’s guidance, which outlines that a customer may not be allowed entry into some countries if there is less than six months left on their passport.

“Our systems don’t have any passport data recorded for Mr and Mrs Baker and we have no evidence to show they went to the store to provide this.

“Unfortunately, as their passports didn’t meet the criteria, our general terms and conditions apply.”

They aren't the only Brits to be caught out by the new passport rules.

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Last month, a woman was stopped from boarding her easyJet flight after not realising her passport was deemed out of date.

And a woman's £2,000 holiday was ruined for the same reason.

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