We were left stunned after EasyJet sold us tickets that didn't EXIST – and staff didn't help at all | The Sun

A GROUP of girls were stunned to discover EasyJet had sold them tickets that didn't EXIST for their flight away – but staff wouldn't help them.

Daisy Barr and her friends bought plane tickets for row 26 ahead of their early summer getaway, so they were gobsmacked to get to the back of the plane and find an empty space.

Somehow the row of seats was completely missing chairs despite the overhead lockers showing the correct row number.

Daisy posted a video clip of their bizarre surprise on TikTok in which her pals look both confused and amused.

The footage went viral, rapidly reaching 156K likes and 1.3million views.

The sunseekers, ready for their holiday, stood in shock at the awkward mistake.

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They clutched their passports and tickets unsure what to do as other holidaymakers loaded their bags into the overhead lockers.

It also shows one of the women crouching down, who is giggling and filming the strange scenario too, while another leans on the row of seats in front seeming fed up.

Daisy's caption read, "When you're row 26 but row 26 doesn't exist anymore" and she placed the Mission Impossible soundtrack over the video.

In the comments, she quickly clarified: "We obviously didn’t stand up during the flight.

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"We just went and found some empty seats, and no one helped us – luckily there were some."

Further down in the comments she started to make a joke out of the situation.

When asked by one TikTok user if they ahd stood up for the whole flight, she said sarcastically: "Turbulence was mental."

And to another's disbelief, she wrote: "True story, we took it in turns to sit on the pilots lap".

Laila Barr also commented on Daisy's post, clarifying the flight was with EasyJet but mocking the airline at the same time.

"But nothing about this flight was easy,” she said.

Some TikTok users found the palava hilarious and 295 comments rapidly piled up.

One made a Harry Potter reference to the invisible seat row, "Platform 9 and 3/4", while another commented, "Next time, on come fly with me."

Remarkably, the comments seemed to suggest that this isn't a completely unique phenomenon.

One comment read: “This literally just happened to me with easy jet on both flights!

“Told me to sit in someone else’s seat who then shouted at me.”

Another added: "This happened me … 28 F was missing. My kids were 28 D and E … The plane changed apparently and now that was the emergency row."

Two others joined the chorus as well, with one saying, "I’ve had that happen before and was told to just sit anywhere as the flight isn’t full."

While the other wrote: "We had the exact same happen to us no wayyyyy. Agreed, the flight attendants didnt really care and found it quite funny."

But several social media users were shocked by the sequence of events.

One wrote, "That's shocking", while another asked, "No one helped or you didn’t ask for help?"

A TikToker added: "I’m no expert but that's gotta be breaking many safety violations."

Before another piped up: "The fact that how many people from the airline would have seen your seat number and they still let you on the plane."

One concerned daughter questioned how the situation could have been so much worse.

She asked: "What would they have done if you were disabled? My dad can’t physically stand up that long so I’d be interested to know what they’d do."

And a mum said in fear: “Don't scare me like this, I've just booked my seats for the back two seats on the plane so a stranger doesn't have to sit next to us with a baby.”

Others defended the girls, saying: "I'd have wanted that flight for free- if I'm paying for a seat I want a seat."

It's unconfirmed what exactly happened to leave the girls stranded without seats, but one suggested a reason.

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They said: “The passengers are not made to stand up during the flight. 26 has been taken out so EZY can operate with reduced crew. It is the ground staffs role…”

An EasyJet spokesperson said: “There has been a change in seat configuration on some aircraft this summer for operational reasons and so we reallocated these customers new seats and they flew as planned.”

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