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THE country of Qatar has regulations over what residents and visitors can and cannot wear, even if it has sizzling hot temperatures throughout the year.

Here is all you need to know about Qatar's dress code.

What clothes can I wear in Qatar?

Non-Qatari women do not need to wear the abaya, which is the long, black robe that covers the entire body, and they do not need to cover their hair either.

However, they do need to make sure to cover their shoulders and wear skirts, dresses and pants that cover the knees so as to not offend the country's laws.

The dress code is applicable in places like shopping malls, markets which they call souqs, on the Corniche which is Doha's waterfront and other public areas where the dress code should be adhered to.

Some recommendations for women are:

  • Tanks, blouses, v-neck tops and short sleeve shirts that cover shoulders and do not show cleavage
  • Maxi dresses and other dresses which cover shoulders and knees
  • Jeans and trousers


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As for beaches, most of them in Doha are owned by hotels, hence you can wear your bikini or another swimsuit that you have.

The only beach not owned by a hotel and is a public place is the Katara Beach, where the dress code does apply.

Meanwhile men are allowed to wear long cargo trousers and light chinos.

However, they cannot wear jeans, athletic or chino shorts that do not cover the knee.

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Sleeveless tank tops and offensive slogan t-shirts are unacceptable.

What clothes can I not wear in Qatar?

Men cannot wear any clothes that show shoulders and knees.

The same applies to women, however, female clothing tends to be a bit more specific when it comes to regulations.

If you're a woman travelling to Qatar, you cannot wear clothing that:

  • shows your shoulders
  • shows your knees
  • shows any cleavage
  • is tight

Is there a dress code in Doha Airport?

The Hamad International Airport in Doha is a large international airport and so there the dress code is not applicable to it.

However, if you can land at the airport dressed as per the code, then it would be easier when you get to leave the airport.

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This is because once you leave the airport, you're in a public space where the dress code applies.

That is why you'll either have to go and change in one of the bathrooms found at the airport or else you'll have to make sure that you land in the appropriate attire.

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