When will the travel traffic light system end?

HOLIDAY-STARVED Brits have had a rough summer of jumping through hoops to get some sun.

The UK's traffic light system has thrown travel into chaos – but when will it end? Here's all you need to know…

When will the travel traffic light system end? 

There is currently no sign of the traffic light system being lifted.

The Government says it continues to be "cautious" and "will not hesitate" to take action where needed.

Boris Johnson this week canned plans for a confusing new amber watchlist and has not put any countries on an amber plus list either.

Officials had been pushing for a new layer to be added to the red, amber and green system to give holiday makers warning that their destination could soon go red – but critics said it would be too complicated.

The PM said he hoped to make holiday advice “as simple as possible” for Brits heading abroad.

What has the travel industry and government said? 

Willie Walsh, director general of the International Air Travel Association, told BBC Radio 4’s World At One on Thursday: “I think a simpler system is definitely what is required to avoid confusion in the case of consumers, and to provide some form of certainty for people who are wanting to travel, and in some cases absolutely need to travel.

“This expensive and unnecessary testing [at airports] I think needs to be challenged and I think the government should demonstrate why they require it.”

Meanwhile Danny Callaghan, chairman of the Travel Industry Alliance, who said: “I'm extremely disappointed, but not surprised, to see no easing of restrictions for Latin American countries. 

“We are clearly seeing that the red list is something that is almost impossible to get off, unless the government is trying to tie up a trade deal… The omnishambles continues.”

What are the current travel rules?

Green list 

Brits do not have to quarantine when returning to the UK.

However they must have a negative test before they return.

Holidaymakers should also take a PCR test two days after returning.

Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania and Norway were all added to the Government’s green list at 4am today.

Amber list

Unjabed Brits must take a negative test before they return.

They have to isolate for ten days and will need to take PCR tests on days two and eight.

Double vaccinated Brits and all children do not have to isolate.

However they must take a negative PCR test before they return, and take another one on day 2.

India, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were recently moved from red to amber as Covid cases in the countries drop.

Red list

Travellers returning from the red list locations must quarantine in a hotel for ten days on their return.

The cost of a hotel quarantine us currently £2,285.

They must also take a negative test before their return and two PCR tests after their return on days two and eight.

Georgia, La Reunion, Mayotte and Mexico were added to the red list.

When is the next travel update? 

The Government is reviewing the traffic-light system every three weeks.

The most recent review came on Wednesday August 4.

This means that we can expect the next update to take place on Wednesday August 25.

Any changes would then come into effect from 4am on Sunday August 29.

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