Why you should never put a padlock on your suitcase – The Sun

EVEN if you want to make your suitcase more secure, you should avoid putting a padlock on it when going on holiday.

A baggage handler has explained how locks don't stop people breaking into your luggage – and instead make them think they have high value contents worth stealing.

The airport worker explained why on a Reddit forum which asked what secrets airline staff knew that passengers don't.

They wrote: "It's literally not even a deterrent.

"Some might take it as a sign that the bag is worth searching."

Others explained how it is still very easy to break into a bag, even if it is locked, simply by using a pen.

They added: "You can pop a zipper with a pen and drag the locked zipper pulls around the bag to close them back up."

Some suitcases have TSA approved locks, which means they can be only be opened by TSA agents in the US without breaking it during routine checks.

However, new technology revealed that anyone can break into a suitcase using the locks, after a report found master keys have been replicated using 3D printers.

Experts have also warned travellers never to have their home address on luggage tags.

If thieves steal your entire suitcase – containing your keys as well – this means they can easily break into your house and car.

Instead, they recommend putting a work address or a mobile number.

Not locking your suitcase could cause problems for your insurance claim – with electronics thefts not covered by some travel providers if there is no lock on them.

If you want your suitcase to arrive first, you should put a fragile sticker on it, according to travel experts.

You should also put some of your items and clothing in a partner's suitcase and vice versa – so that if one bag is lost, neither of you are left without anything to wear.

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