Woman left stunned after finding her Airbnb is inside a restaurant – with her bedroom window next to the tables

A WOMAN was stunned to discover that the room she booked on Airbnb was inside a restaurant – and her window was next to people eating.

Desiree Baker booked a room on Airbnb, expecting it to be private.

When she arrived, she was amazed to find that the New York City property was connected to a restaurant dining room.

What's worse is the view from her window looked directly on to a couple eating their meal.

Using the handle @desireerosebaker, Desiree shared a video on Tiktok comparing the listed description of the room on Airbnb with what the room was like in person.

Desiree captioned the video: "HOW IS THIS LEGAL you literally cannot make this up.

"I can open the window and touch their table."

On the website, the property's window showed a view of buildings in the distance under a blue sky.

But when Desiree opened the blinds in the room, she was staring directly at a couple eating dinner inside a restaurant.

In the video she showed pictures of the property from the Airbnb website.

She said: "These are the pictures from online, like two beds, nice view, in a good location.

"This is a better close up of the window and the view that we thought we had.

"I rolled up the shades, there's no building – we're in a restaurant."

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She walked through the room and went to the window where she rolled up the blinds. Directly outside the room were two people having dinner.

She said: "That's a restaurant, that's two people eating dinner. They definitely can't see us."

The video has gone viral and has been watched nearly 7m times and had 1.2m comments.

Viewers were shocked that there was an adjoining window between the room and the restaurant.

Someone commented: "Girl you are literally in a restaurant, what is going on."

Another wrote: "I would have screamed the first time opening the blinds."

Someone else put: "I wonder if you knocked if they would hear it. This is one of the strangest things I've ever seen."

A fourth wrote: "This is like those dreams when you walk our of your bedroom or something at home right into some random public place like it's normal."


Some viewers were horrified that the Airbnb host didn't mention the property was attached to a restaurant, and instead photoshopped the picture of the property on the website.

Someone commented: "The way they just stole a hotel's stock photo I'm screaming omg how are people so bold."

Another wrote: "I would email Airbnb for full refund. That was 100 per cent falsely advertised."

In a second video, Desiree walked into the restaurant and showed what the windows looked like from inside.

The windows were reflective so guests weren't able to see into the bedroom.

In a third video, Desiree confirmed she had contacted Airbnb and they had offered to refund some of the cost of her stay, or give her a voucher for a future Airbnb stay.

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