Woman reveals how she was given a whole row to herself during long-haul flight | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the jammy way she managed to nab a whole row to herself on a long flight.

With plane seats getting smaller, having no-one sitting next to you during the flight is a great perk.

TikTok user Emmy revealed how to do it when traveling across Europe as a solo traveller.

Emmy, who appeared to be on a Virgin flight from Boston to the UK, had no-one next to her thanks to the seat being broken.

She wrote: "Seat next to me is broken aka I get the whole row on the flight".

She added: "No I didn't bring the tape but it does look DIY".

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The video shows her sitting in the window seat, only for the one next to her to have red tape saying "do not use" because it was broken".

She then showed off her glass of wine, as she had the whole row to herself while the rest of the plane looked busy.

While it's rare, planes can take off with broken seats.

In 2019, two easyJet flights were both pictured with broken seats.

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And earlier this year, a passenger claimed a flight took off with as many as 40 seats broken.

Thankfully there are easier ways to try and get a row to yourself on a plane.

A common method, if travelling with a friend or partner, is to book a row of three, but book the aisle and window seat.

Passengers are unlikely to book the middle seat, leaving it empty, or if they do, will swap seats anyway.

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Another expert said to always book seats towards the back of the plane, as it is the place most people don't want to be so seats will sell last.

One guy said to book your seat as late as possible so you can find an empty row – although this also comes with the risk of getting the worst seat.

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